Institute of Art, Design and Technology Launches a Figshare Institutional Repository to Share, Showcase and Manage Creative and Scholarly Outputs

Dún Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology (IADT) is launching a new Figshare-powered institutional repository to share its creative research outputs.

Figshare, a leading provider of institutional repository infrastructure that supports open research, is pleased to announce that Dún Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology (IADT) is launching a new Figshare-powered institutional repository to share its creative research outputs. 

Using Figshare, IADT will be able to effectively share and showcase its abundance of arts-focused research outputs, increasing the discoverability of the research and ensuring researchers receive credit for all of their work. 

IADT will benefit from Figshare’s support for over 1200 different file types and unique in-browser preview capabilities, which will enable them to showcase their non-traditional research outputs while maintaining best practices for FAIR and open research sharing. 

Jane Buggle, Institute Librarian at IADT, said: “We selected Figshare as our institutional repository because we felt it was the ideal platform to showcase the full range of IADT’s creative and scholarly outputs. Our staff and students are engaged on projects as diverse as film, design, creative computing, sound engineering, model making, arts and humanities. Figshare enables us to showcase this diversity on a fully accessible and searchable platform with an attractive interface.

“IADT has a range of archives and special collections which will each have a discreet landing page within our Figshare instance. We are at an early stage of our implementation but already colleagues across the Institution are seeing the opportunities that Figshare offers in terms of research, teaching and learning. It’s an exciting time for the Institute!”

Figshare Founder and Digital Science’s VP Open Research, Mark Hahnel, said: “We’re thrilled to partner with IADT on a Figshare repository for their creative research outputs. It’s exciting to see another leading arts-focused institution join the Figshare community and commit resources to the sharing, showcasing and management of creative outputs, an area of growing importance in open research.”

You can discover IADT’s new Figshare-powered repository illustro here

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