Launches App Market Intelligence on Snowflake Marketplace announced yesterday that its Intelligence Platform is available to joint customers via Snowflake Marketplace, enabling customers to track mobile market trends and optimize their growth strategy with proprietary data and best-in-class market estimates.

Snowflake Marketplace, powered by Snowflake’s cross-cloud technology, Snowgrid, allows companies to receive direct access to raw data products and leverage data quickly, securely, and cost-effectively. Snowflake Marketplace simplifies discovery, access, and the commercialization of data, data services and applications, enabling companies to unlock entirely new revenue streams and extended insights across the Data Cloud.

As the mobile app market continues to saturate and competition grows, targeting consumers is becoming more opaque. This, coupled with increasing regulation and compliance constraints, is making it hard for players in the sector to grow. Having the right tools and ability to blend data points from different sources is becoming more important than ever to be able to continue to grow while managing increasing costs. empowers market leaders, brands and emerging app developers alike in navigating critical decisions and making quick adjustments to rapid market changes. This partnership with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, will bring’s robust digital and mobile data offering to joint customers via Snowflake Marketplace in a frictionless and scalable manner, opening up new possibilities.

Customers can now aggregate and create custom insights with their own datasets. These include financial data, ad campaign metrics, first-party mobile performance data and transaction revenue. Additionally, they can programmatically and swiftly export estimates to their own data warehouses, use it in their bespoke machine learning models and products while enjoying state-of-the-art data governance tools.

“With this partnership, customers can access our comprehensive and sophisticated Intelligence market data, powered by the speed and flexibility of Snowflake. Customers that have beta tested this offering report no longer having to download data manually or maintain expensive API integrations. With this cutting-edge ability to access our data via Snowflake Marketplace, customers can directly run queries on the freshest data from,” said Ketaki Rao, Chief Product Officer, “These savings in time and resources empower our customers to bring even more focus on higher-value initiatives, core to succeeding in their businesses.”

“The addition of app market data to Snowflake Marketplace will enable joint customers to make faster and more informed decisions,” said Kieran Kennedy, Head of Snowflake Marketplace. “Snowflake’s Data Cloud provides easy access via’s Intelligence data so that brand new capabilities can be built by customers with speed and ease.”

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