Mosaic Data Science Recognized for Groundbreaking AI Document Search Tool

Mosaic Data Science’s recently launched AI document search tool, the Neural Search Engine framework, is already generating a buzz within the tech space for its ability to transform the way organizations retrieve information from corporate documents. The search engine can deliver targeted query results in mere seconds while keeping sensitive information safe and secure behind the organization’s firewalls. Leveraging the latest advancements in Large Language Models (LLMs) and GenAI, this revolutionary tool can be fully customized to meet a company’s specific needs and use cases.

The rise of transformer-based NLP architectures has opened new doors for powerful AI document search tools powered by intelligent processing. Mosaic’s custom Neural Search Engine framework stands at the forefront of this innovation, automating the laborious process of retrieving text, image, video, and audio information. This state-of-the-art solution can save thousands of hours by saving document review time, allowing organizations to focus on value-driven tasks. More importantly, the framework ensures the highest levels of data security in the AI space today.

“Mosaic’s approach to AI is all about validating and automating decisions to save organizations countless hours,” said Sean Osis, Senior Principal Data Scientist at Mosaic. “Our Neural Search Engine brings the power of cutting-edge LLMs to organizations by integrating search and generative capabilities with enterprise knowledge stores, all while protecting data privacy. We can deliver a Proof of Concept in 10-12 weeks, customizing the tool to your specifications.”

Organizations are enjoying more efficient operations with this technology, which has seen applications across various industries, including healthcare, industrial, geology, customer service, and trade consulting. The company’s world-class data scientists partner with firms to assess internal requirements to build a fully custom and secure search engine that drives continuous value by saving precious time and resources so firms can focus on what matters most in their operations.

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